Driar (Released February 2012)

Driar is a platform-game for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom written by Stefan Adolfsson and David Eriksson. Rickard Nilsson helped out in early development.
The game is designed for PAL (50Hz) systems, but works well on NTSC (60Hz) systems aswell. The game and music will however play a bit faster on a NTSC system.


Take control of Driar and collect all the stars on each level to progress. You can walk around the screen (if you exit the screen on the right side you will reappear on the
left side) - remember this and use this to your advantage. There are 38 levels in total.


A: Jump
B: Move faster
D-Pad: Move Driar
Start: Pause the game




Gameplay video:

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Thanks to:

Tobias Söderlund (betatesting)
Robert Lundström (betatesting)
Andreas Eriksson (betatesting)
Jonas Hortell (making nes and famicom-labels for the game)
Nathan Altice (betatesting)
Snarfblam (betatesting)
Leonard Oliveira (betatesting)
Kreese (betatesting)
Infiniteneslives (betatesting)
Shiru (creator of NES Screen Tool)
thefox (creator of MUSE)
nesdev.parodius.com (Documentation, great forum)
The Mojon Twins (for the game UWOL, which was a big inspiration)

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