The Game

Download: TheGame0.95.lha - For playing on your Amiga computer!
Download: - Ready made iso for playing on a CD32 console!
Read: TheGame0.95.readme

Fixed for the upcoming final (hopefully) release:
- New title-screen
- Copper effect for the "main game finished" text.
- Changed the look of the map a little
- Fixed three bugs where elevators could push you out of the game world.
- Some graphical overhaul to the in-game-tiles
- Added an ending to the game

Version 0.95
- Added another copper effect, this time adding some color to the text on the titlescreen
- Touched up most of the sprites and also changed some of the sprites palettes a bit
- Fixed a bug with the deathcounter
- Small change to the blue statusbar copper-effect

Version 0.94
- Added some copper effect to the statusbar and removed some "debug" stuff
- Fixed a bug when while erasing the save from within the game, not everything was reset
- You can now save & quit on the CD32 with the 'Play'-button

Screenshots (from version 0.94)